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Never trust the first ideas of a story.


Such was the case for the Ember Smell of Winter and Sweet Whispers behind a Stall. Black Marigolds, like its peers, was no different.

Boldened from the success of Sweet Whispers behind a Stall, the original plot of the third tale aimed to better understand its two characters. Rather than staying in some dingy hotel, the new ideal setting would have taken place in a bar, a casino, or a club.

Then, one morning, while showering, an image came and dusted the former off the floor: What if walls have lips?

From a quick writing of a grandfather to a woman visiting her cousin. The story of Black Marigolds came to power through a quick flash of an image.


Finally, the opening line, “Alek was in love with Bridget” was remoulded and rewritten.

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