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Mandy Nadean

Age: 25


Birthday: August 19


Likes: Designer clothes, Cooking, going on adventures with Merinette & Timothy.


Dislikes: Entitled brats, working with a rival competitor, Laziness, studying

Hailing from Levin, Mandy Nadean is the only child of her father’s second marriage, Mandy shares a close intimacy with her niece than with her twelve older half-siblings.


She spent most of her life being dotted by her father and as such, she yearned to make him proud. This made her take a firm stance on her family’s beliefs.


She is Wellington's current Fiction Collector.

Merinette and Mandy_edited.png


Mandy was the third protagonist of the novel before Josefina. Since then, her background lore prior to the story’s final version had gone through numerous rewrites.
Merinette and Mandy_edited.png

Song: Parov Stelar: Catgroove

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