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A Glass Lag

Merinette was on her way home when the glass doors of her apartment building lagged.

A loading screen was on the surface.

She clicked her tongue. Again? It had only been a fortnight since the last time that the doors acted up again. The same loading circle. The same flashing lights and, so far, Merinette wasn’t the only one in the current predicament because nearly all of Lambton Quay’s doors were charging.

Was Merinette’s aunt, Mandy, losing it? No. Not at all. Her aunt was an expert in dealing with all the random surreal events that took place in the city. Mandy had done nothing wrong. The glass doors were the problem but … everyone else held a different opinion.

Merinette thought of repairing the doors herself.

She loved her aunt and fixing the lag would save her aunt from the constant ringing that she was receiving at the moment. So, as Merinette, glanced at a queue outside a local grocery, she placed her palm against the door.

A sizzling sound reached her ear.

A warming sensation.

Nothing overall. Go figure.

There was not much Merinette could do and no amount of vibration from her phone inside her pocket would fix the lagging doors. It was not Merinette’s responsibility anymore. She has found her goal and her dream. Becoming some sort of glorified maintenance worker was not part of it.

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