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Necklace Gold

Arissa walked out of the school library waving goodbye at her friend, Merinette.

Merinette hadn’t replied. The blonde girl who sat in the middle of a table near the end of the library stared at a pile of paper in front of her. She neither noticed Arissa’s second attempt to catch her attention nor at a lock of hair caught between her lips.

Arissa cupped her hands around her mouth. “Have a good night,” she shouted.

Merinette looked up and raise her hand midway. She may have said something akin to a good-night or I’ll-see-you-tomorrow.

Arissa was already gone by that time, bolting out of the hallways and out of the school’s front lawn where a handful of cars were left parked. A bitter taste ran down Arissa’s throat when she said, “It’s time to go home.” For some reason, she cannot understand why Merinette was not as keen on the surreal.

The entities were weird. don’t make sense but that was the whole beauty of it. They don’t have to make sense. And Arissa wished that she was given the talent to quote-and-unquote capture them. Just like Merinette. Just like Josefina.

It would have been an easy ticket if she had those powers. No need to chase. No need to worry. No need to think of herself as an orphan any longer. It was not all that bad, and Arissa had gone through a number of good foster homes.

She was the chosen one, however.

Her ancestor possessed the same powers as Josefina & Merinette, and though it wasn’t fair that Arissa had gained none, it wouldn’t be long before she’ll have her dream.

All she needed was to slurp the liquid gold inside the glass vial as her necklace.

Maybe a couple of glass vials. Ten? She’ll get her dream no matter.

She simply hoped they taste good on the tongue as they were beautiful to the eyes.

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