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Spring Head

Arissa plucked a daisy and thought to herself, odd.

She never considered herself to be a late bloomer.

Well, she wasn’t exactly an early bloomer when it came to her height as she often relied on her tip toes rather than the pads of her feet. But Arissa believed that her go-to-attitude made up for her losses. Her smile. Her quick blinking eyes. Her belief to be the chosen one. In fact, she was all spring and sprint for most of her life; always chasing; always discovering any surreal entity within the vicinity of her current foster home.

Spring ended months back.

Plucking daisies off her head was an oddity in the middle of winter.

“Were you rolling on the grass?” Josefina said as she sat cross-legged behind Arissa. Both girls were in the middle of the grass isle outside St. Mary’s College’s back school gates. They were smack bang between two roads. One led to the motorway. The other was the motorway itself.

“I would if you came late. Something for boredom and – ” Arissa held her breath, letting her eyes focus on the metal gates. “What to wait for Meri to join us? Then we’ll see if we could find a new spot or … maybe it’s the start of my own powers.”

Josefina made a chewing motion for a moment. “Merinette is busy off munching her busy,” she replied after four plucks.

Arissa turned her head back. “We can try. I can call her. Want me to call her – ahhh” Arissa yelped when Josefina pulled a daisy hard.

“We don’t need more mowers,” Josefina patted her friend’s head.

“It will be a team effort,” Arissa said with a chuckle.

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