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Waved Porcelains

Merinette counted to ten before she turned the knob of her gas cooktop.

Her aunt should have been back at six. Merinette had been responsible for dinner in the past three days and it should have been her aunt’s turn to prepare an evening dine. Must be busy, she thought as the sound of opened drawers curtained her sighs.

It was already when the plates she prepped for the dinner groaned. There were ripples on the porcelain surface when Merinette glanced back. Three consecutive waves spread out from the centre before they plopped on the sides. A lamb roast with melting butter on top accelerated each wave. Merinette heard the plate gurgle when she set mashed potatoes around the sides. A sprinkle of peas, corn and carrots was laid over it.

She was sure that the stress would whoosh off from her aunt’s shoulders once she opened the door. Lamb roast had always been one of her favourite meals. A succulent meat-melting meal was an answer after a long grinding day because Merinette, too, found herself waving the rising air to her nose. It brought back memories of her and her aunt competing on who would eat the slowest. Her aunt normally won but, maybe, just this once, there was a chance for a win.

“Someone else is hungry,” she said as the surrounding drawers muffled the sounds of each pounding wave.

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