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Fiction is the surreal entity that surrounds the city. The story defined them as objects that exist but don’t have to exist. This is because they take everyday objects such as a shadow or a fire and transform them into an otherworldly nature.

Most of them are harmless, albeit a nuisance sometimes.





Fiction Collector

Fiction Collectors are individuals who can interact and capture Fiction. They served as maintenance workers whose main role was to keep the local Fiction population in check or to be involved in various events that featured these entities.

However, the role of a Collector is rare. Since the gift can only be attained through birth, there are less than a hundred active Collectors serving in the whole country.

Nadean Household

The Nadean family can trace their origins as early settlers in Australia. Over the coming decades, they made a name for themselves but became outcompeted by new waves of Collector dynasties.

To prevent from being absorbed, two-thirds of the family became one of the first settlers in New Zealand.

To avoid history being repeated, the Nadean family started the practice of arranged marriage in order to absorb any Collector to their numbers.

The strategy worked in their favour because they have maintained a near-monopoly with forty-five percent of Collectors being members of the family.

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